Wonderful summer


Experience an unforgettable dream summer vacation with us. In addition to home cooking, unlimited relaxation in the wellness center after hiking, or a visit to the children’s attractions in Donovaly, we always make your Friday pleasant with an interesting tasting. Every Saturday at the hotel will be in spirit of traditional open-air barbecue, enriched by an entertaining show for children. Take the whole family and enjoy a vacation full of fun and fantastic experiences in Donovaly from 2 nights.

from 78€/night
Date: 1.7. – 1.9.2024
1 child (4-12 y.o.) in JULY accommodation is for FREE
Interesting TASTINGS every Friday
PERFORMANCE for children every Saturday
Traditional BARBECUES every Saturday
  • Accommodation in modern rooms
  • Interesting tastings every Friday
  • Traditional barbecues every Saturday
  • Performance for children every Saturday
  • Children’s corner next to the restaurant
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Buffet dinner or served three course meal
  • Unlimited use of the wellness world and sauna world
  • Fitness room
  • Bathrobe and slippers in the room
  • Rental of multifunction playground and sports equipment
  • 15% discount on bike rental in Dami Sport
  • 10% discount on Apitherapy
  • Wi-fi in room and hotel
  • Monitored parking
Wellness center: Large pool, Kids pool, Summer terrace by the pool, Sauna world with 4 saunas, Tepidarium, Cooling pool, Jacuzzi, Relax space by the pool
Fitness center
Kids playground outside
Multifunctional playgorund

*Hotel reserves the right to change dinner serving arrangements depending on the occupancy.

*In case of holding a company congress, it is possible that the children’s corner right next to the restaurant will not be available every day.

Great program for the whole family

6.7. 2024
The school of magic and spells, Divadlo z klobúka

The professor Minerva McGonagall with her assistant Alexandria Wisgerchandenger will welcome you at the academy of magic and spells and guide the students through the first lecture of sorcery and secret tricks. Children who engage in the story can acquire a Harry Potter diploma.

13.7. 2024
The pirates on the way, Divadlo z klobúka

Storytelling of a slightly particular pirate Goran and beautiful piratess Elizabeth about pirate history, manners and favorite meals. In a humorous way, children learn about pirate torture, weapons and can display their courage in achieving a Pirate diploma or try a pirate delicacy.

20.7. 2024
Water cycle, Divadlo na hojdačke

Medard’s droplet travels the world in great water race, being the front-runner for the victory. On the way, however, she realizes that helping living beings is much more important than being the winner of the competition. She washes, waters the flowers, drives the water mill, quenches thirst and also puts out fire. At last, although she does not win the water race, more precious than all metals is the medal for helping others. Who, from the realm of animals and plants she meets? You shall see in our cheery performance full of songs.

27.7. 2024
A pasta with an egg, Neva:Divadlo

Our egg travels all around the globe. The main hero travels to the South America, Antarctica, Australia, Africa and returns again to Slovakia, Europe. During its journey, the egg meets other eggs and animals that just hatched from eggs. And so, he learns that not only hens are hatched from eggs, but on the contrary, plenty of various animals are hatched. Travelers, who inform the child spectator about a specific continent and pick curiosities that are easily remembered, perform in this play. And what happens with our egg?

3.8. 2024
Lajko the Bunny, Divadlo Žihadlo

Bunny Lajko is a new story of the Theater Sting, prepared for children of pre-school age, but surely even for the older ones! Its main hero, a little forest and field rabbit Louis, nicknamed Lajko, is greatly curious and a fast learner. He gets acquainted with the wonders of the life in a forest by the help of his friends, a frog, a hedgehog and an owl, animals from the Záhorie forest in between Malacky and Rohožník – a forest full of animals and mushroom pickers from all around the region.

10.8. 2024
Circus trouble, Show deTom 

Welcome to the children vaudeville SHOW de Tom. My name is Tomík and today you will find out everything about how I became a circus performer. Truly, it wasn’t easy. I was a trainee of a famous magician Bandalír. I trained in the art of juggling, acrobatics, magic tricks, balancing and other gags in the world’s best circus’ tents. That is why, I would love to show you what my long legs and arms manage to do. For me, children’s laugh is an applause.

17.8. 2024
When seeking a friend, Hoki Poki

When seeking a friend is a performance, in which the main heroes Hoki and Poki look for a true friend. A show full of songs and dance will teach children what belongs among the true friends and what not. Through jokes and fun, the show will point out that selfishness, abuse, mockery, lies and deception has nothing to do with a friendship. During the performance, children will sing and dance together with us.

24.8. 2024
Bee named Ejka, Divadlo pod balkónom

The story of a little bee who disobeys the queen bee and flies out of the nest. Where she discovers that not everything that is beautiful is also nice. She meets garden gangsters – wasps and their boss Wasp, a bee-eater bird who wants to eat her, but also a wizard – a purple bee Xylocopa Violacea, who helps her to return to the hive. Performance is showcasing danger that threatens us if we do not protect nature as a whole.

31.8. 2024
Concerto Clownico, Teáter Komika

Concerto clownico is a free continuation of the successful clown show. About how the clown Adyno wanted to become a great musician. And his efforts to expand his musicianship skills with other interesting and imaginative musical instruments from our everyday life are progressing. But the ringing of the bell will not be the end of the clown concert by any means… On the contrary… It will only escalate. Interaction and entertainment will be guaranteed… Actually, just like it always does.

Accommodation packages

A varied offer of stay packages with discounted prices for children, in which everyone will find the right thing.

Accommodation packages

A varied offer of stay packages with discounted prices for children, in which everyone will find the right thing.