Hotel has a multifunction playground where guests can play, tenis, volleyball, basketball or football. Our guests are mostly families with kids therefore we have a large wooden playground in the front of our hotel equipped with slides, swings and other atractions. Donovaly are an ideal place for sport fans, bike riders and tourists. People can enjoy a number of signed bike trails and tourist walkways.

During winter the ski centre is ideal for ski beginners and children. You can find a number of ski schools, rental shops, numerous shopping places with sports equipment in the area. Park Snow offers ice-skating ring as winter attraction. Whether you visit us in summer or winter months you can experinece adrenalin filled holiday with bike trails, running trails, paragliding jumps, bob sledging, jumping castles and loads of other attractions.


UNESCO Vlkolínec village

A picturesque village only a few kilometers away from Ruzomberok is truly one of the Slovakia’s treasures. On 11th December 1993 it got written into the list of world’s cultural heritage of UNESCO. The visitors have the opportunity to take a closer look on the former way of life of our ancestors 100 years ago. High up in the hills you will find a gem of our culture, which was elected as a national monument in 1977. If there is a good visibility, you may also have a spectacular view of National park Veľká Fatra.


Once a world famous wells were, thankful to their healing effects, well known place for regeneration among many personalities such as emperor Franz Josef and our Slovak poet, politician, national leader Ľudovít Štúr. Take a walk and breath in the beautiful energy of a wonderful surrounding forest and have a sip of the healing water from one of five springs, which help people to get out of many illnesses.

Špania Dolina

This valley was once famous throughout whole Europe as a copper mines. Today it offers beautiful tranquil hillside ambient. There is an amazing panoramic view at surrounding mountains. A mining educational pathway will bring it’s visitors to a places formerly famous, but nowadays only as a mining history - shafts and tunnels hidden in the forest (semi difficult hillside terrain). A magnificent hikes through forest and grass fields from Donovaly to the valley.

Kráľova studňa

The best way to spend a hot summer day is to drive to take a hike on a Kráľova Studňa. Visitors will be presented a magnificent panoramic view of Nízke Tatry - Low Tatras and a walk on a mountain ridge will surely be an unforgettable experience. In a protected environment of a National park Veľká Fatra in altitude of 1300 meters above sea level far away from the rush of civilization, deep in the heart of nature, this is a great place to gather physical and mental strength. 

Banská Bystrica

The city was one of the first cities in Slovakia declared as a municipal heritage reservoir. Among high valued monuments are the area around municipal castle Barbakan; a square with churches of Virgin Mary and Holy Cross; old City hall; Mathew’s house and ruins of city’s fortification. The heart of the city is a rectangle shaped square of Slovak national uprising with a Marian pillar and inclined watch tower. The square is circumscribed with splendid bourgeois houses. Beniczky’s and Thurzo’s houses are most famous one. Pedestrian zone continues from the square to Dolná street, where you can find a St. Elisabeth church and Bethlen’s house, where Transylvanian count Bethlen was declared a Hungarian king. If you love history, this place is worth a visit for you.

Zvolen castle

A castle with rich history reaching up to 12th century is one of the must-see places. Its majestic outer walls are standing on a heightened terrace on a southern end of the Slovak national uprising square. King Ľudovít I. with Anja were building it as a gothic hunting house. It was finished in 1382, where an engagement of their daughter Mária with Žigmund Luxembourg took place. When speaking about the history of the castle we shall not forget Jan Jiskra from Brandýs, who became one of the most powerful dukes in Hungary in 15th century. The castle was his residue from 1440 until 1462. Castle was also visited by king Matej Korvín with his wife Beatrix, who later as a widow utilized the castle as her home from 1490. 

Sliač spas

They are somewhere in between the cities of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen, but only geographically. They astound you with its’ character, nature and they are very bravely fighting off the expansion of the tourism. We are not afraid to say, that it is a paradise for those who are seeking a relief, tranquility; for those who are dreaming of a loving embrace of nature far away from the noisy crowd; and for those who care about their well being and health.

Harmanec cave

This cave is situated 821 meters above the sea level on the northern reef slope of Kotolnica hill. There will be a necessity to overcome a 260 m difference in altitude when walking up from the parking place on a pathway long 1420 meters. The cave is 3123 meters long, and visitors are allowed 1020 meters of it. Temperature inside the cave varies in between 5,8 Celsius degrees to 6,4 degrees. Underground corridors and galleries are made out of limestone from Mesozoic era of a medium tries. Truly a nature’s jewel, which needs to be seen!

UNESCO Banská Štiavnica

The city of Banská Štiavnica was always connected with mining, mines and lots of rich precious metal-finding fields. Nobody can truly remember but a story about little lizard, which gave Banská Štiavnica it’s wealth and undying fame were known even to little kids. Children always pointed at the city escutcheon where two lizards - golden and silver were blinded by the light. “It is said that it was the old shepherd who saw them first up in the hillside glitter more than a sun in the sky.” A fairytale told by mothers to their children when falling asleep. Who knows? Maybe it is true…


It is the biggest area of water-sports fun activities in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland open throughout a whole year. It is situated in the region of Liptov - an area with a lot of historical monuments, a peculiar folk culture. It is embraced by our biggest mountains High and Low Tatras, Big and Small Fatra and Choč Mountains. If you wish to spend a joyful playtime with your kids swimming, splashing and sliding, Tatralandia is the right place for you to visit!


Gino Paradise Bešeňova is an aqua park built on a base of hot springs of a thermal waters, which well forth from the depth of 1987 meters with a temperature of 60,5 Celsius degree. They are beneficiary for the locomotive apparatus and respiratory organs, they are well known for their cosmetic effects and thanks to the Lithium it entails it is also very beneficiary for the mental health of the visitors. 


Picturesque Slovakia has a lot of beautiful places but this location combines tradition and opportunity. Between the city of Ružomberkom and village Donovaly lies a village called Liptovská Osada. Here you will find one of a kind project called Gothal. The basic philosophy is staying within the traditions of the region and creating a place of intimate character with great services. Spend the day enjoying a number of pools and the beautiful nature of Low Liptov region.

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