Hotel has a multifunction playground where guests can play, tenis, volleyball, basketball or football. Our guests are mostly families with kids therefore we have a large wooden playground in the front of our hotel equipped with slides, swings and other atractions. Donovaly are an ideal place for sport fans, bike riders and tourists. People can enjoy a number of signed bike trails and tourist walkways.

During winter the ski centre is ideal for ski beginners and children. You can find a number of ski schools, rental shops, numerous shopping places with sports equipment in the area. Park Snow offers ice-skating ring as winter attraction. Whether you visit us in summer or winter months you can experinece adrenalin filled holiday with bike trails, running trails, paragliding jumps, bob sledging, jumping castles and loads of other attractions.


Myšiačikov detský park

The Donovaly Fun Arena adrenaline centre was expanding during she summer of 2017 with a unique novelty for Slovakia - a children's aqua experience-educational park with 9 attractions, which follow one another and form one whole experience. For more information about Myšiačik Children's Park please visit


Donovalkovo town is a little paradise for children. Miniature city is made up of various houses and stations where kids can experience real life situations in their own little world. You can also rent costumes. In Donovalkovo kids can meet and touch many farm animals like horses, rabbits, alpacas and many more. For more information visit

Fun Arena Donovaly

During winter months, an ideal place for ski or snowboards. Summer months the ski area changes into Fun arena with loads of adrenaline attractions. Bob sledges, rope centre, climbimg wall the highest  of its kind in Slovakia. Enjoy bungee trampolines and blow up castles.


Tandem jumps or paragliding course for future pilots. Wind in the hights of the mountains here is an ideal adrenalin for adventure lovers.  Enjoy the view from birds perspective. Jump from Nova Hola during summer or good winter days.


Numerous tourist trails in the area. Beautiful tours and walks are from Donovaly to Špania Dolina in the range of 5 hours or Donovaly to Staré hory at a relaxed walking pace up to 6 hours. Make sure you take a tour to Šachtičku, Kalište or a walk to Korytnice where you can fill your bottle with a healing water. For more information visit the Info Centre Donovaly, where you will also find tourist maps.

Bike trails

Since 2011 the signed bike trails have become a popular area for bike riders. The trails are short of longer and can take from one hour up to eight hours. You can ride the roads or forest trails. They are ideal for families but also professional bikers.


Bowling centre Almet offers fun for everyone. It offers amusement at four bowling tracks, billiards tables, a golf trainer, laser shooting gallery, darts and air-hockey. Just a few meteres from the hotel. For more information contact the reception.


Park Snow Donovaly offers 11 km downhill skiing trails with number of the being kept with artificial snow. You can find 18 trails the highest is 1360 m. Skiing season lasts mostly from December to March. Night skiing is also available. Number of ski rentals, sports equipment shops, ski schools and après-ski bars are here for guests’ comfort.

Dog and horse sledges

Donovaly are also known as Slovakian Alaska for dog sledging trails. During winter you can enjoy a ride on horse or dog sledge.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country trails will take you on a beautiful journey around the natural wonders of the area. You will relax and revitalize. Perfectly signed trails are easy to follow. Try to take the trail Donovaly – Šachtičky.


Ice Skating ring is in use during winter and you can find it in the area of Nova Hola ski lifts. Rent your skating shoes in the shops around the area.


Golf  Resort Tale

Golf Sliač Tri duby

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